Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays, but Merry Christmas.

I have decided that with so much going on this year, with our family, and maybe yours also, that I should just write a Christmas letter this year! I think most, if not all, of you know that we had a six pound thirteen ounce baby girl around the end of August. Her name is Destiny Jubilee Kitchens; we’re calling her DJ though. She had to get here through a C-section, and then had to be in a NICU for almost a week due to having pneumonia. She’s doing pretty well now though. Now she’s almost four months old. We are doing well also. Carl is still working at the steel mill in Magnolia. We’re getting things finished to be able to go to China next month. Carl will be teaching English, and I will still home school Suzanne and tutor English some. I know a lot of people are probably wondering ‘why China’? China needs to learn English also and to be taught that God loves them too. If you’re wondering how to reach us anymore, there are contact ways at the bottom of this letter, along with a family picture. DJ is starting to do juice, cereal and baby foods. She has lots of favorite foods now. Her cereal of choice is rice. Her favorite juice is apple. We will be at the address here until Saturday Jan.16th. That will be the last day to get mail here. Out last day at our church will be Sunday Jan.17th.
We will try and stay contacted through our email addresses and with Facebook, when available.
Carl, Debora, Suzanne, DJ and Spot Kitchens

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