Monday, February 15, 2010

Drum and Bell Towers.

We went out Monday to see the Drum and Bell Towers. It isn't too far a walk from the hotel. We bundled the baby up good in her stroller because it was very cold out. We did not go into the towers because of all the stairs but did enjoy the walk down there and back. We got to see lots of people and things. We also had lunch at our favorite 'hole in the wall'. We did have a tour planned for Tuesday but DJ is running a little fever we want to keep an eye on so we will try to reschedule for Wednesday for the tour to see the Summer Palace, Heavenly Temple and Forbiden City. Thursday night we hope to go see an acrobat show and on Tuesday the 23rd we will be flying to Jiamusi and I start work on the 25th. The red tower is the Drum Tower and the other is the Bell Tower as seen from the base of the Drum Tower.

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