Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Made it.

The final leg of our trip is over. We left the hotel early, too early, because we had to sit at the airport for one and a half hours before check-in and security. Better early than late. Security didn't like all the baby food but let us take it anyway. The only thing that didn't make it was the dark corn syrup for DJ's morning bottles Jenni gave us in Beijing. Security took it because we had it in carry-on instead of a checked bag. We can't find any here, and they never even heard of it, so I will just have to make some myself. The airport is so small no planes stay here and there is only two flights a day during the week that arrive and then leave. We exited the plane by walking down the steps they pushed up to the door and then we walked into the one room terminal building, collecting our luggage off the only conveyor. I have seen airports this small but not many much smaller. The apartment is much bigger and nicer than we expected. Most of the apartment buildings are only eight floors, because if they were any taller they would have to have elevators. We live on the second floor with views out the front and back of the other apartment buildings and right now about two to three inches of fresh snow on top of the already four to five inches. The first night the principle of the school took us and the three other teachers out to eat. There is only one female teacher, Cherney (I hope I spelled that right), from Hawaii and has already been here for one year. There is picture of the other three teachers with her on the left. The man on the right is George from Canada and the man in the middle is Anthonay from England. We are the only foriegn school teachers in the city, so there are not many foriegners here at all. The other pictures are of the school Chinese staff and the lady with the big smile is the school principle, Mrs. Mei Han.

I walked down to the local store at the end of our building and picked up stuff to fix breakfast of ham, eggs and toast with strawberry jam. After breakfast I walked two and a half blocks to see the school which is on the 8th floor of the same building as one of the two huge underground shopping malls. The apartment has raidant floor heating which is nice and they provided us with some things to get started here including a bed for DJ. We are going back to one of those malls to pick up a few more things to make it more livable for us before I start work tomorrow. Most of my teaching time will be on Saturday and Sundays from around 8am to 9pm.

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