Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two days become one.

We went out to a local place to eat and picked up a few drinks and snacks at a shop to keep in the room. Since we are staying n the old part of the city called the Hutong, the streets are more like alley ways. We walked back to the hotel and started our recovery from jet lag and two days becoming one. The next morning on the 11th we walked out to a main road and found a McDonalds for breakfast. There weren't any biscuits, only english muffins but for the most part it was the same as back home. Suzanne had hotcakes, Deb had an eggmac and I had a big breakfast. The food was great; thank you McDonalds. There is a bakery next door we will have to come back to later.
There are not a lot of people out early in the morning, in contrast to the streets being crowded even late at night. We went back to the hotel and relaxed a little waiting on our friends TJ and Jenni to come visit. They are from home but have been here for a few years. They took us to a place past the drum tower were Suzanne had a cheese pizza, Deb had Lasagna and I had spaghetti with mushrooms, bacon and egg.
After lunch we split up with TJ taking his two boys home and Jenni taking my three ladies for a little shopping while I went to follow up on a call I received from the principle of the school I will be teaching at about our dog. After nine hours of going from one place to another and much paperwork later, I got him released from customs and into a place that will take care of him for the full 30 day quarintine. It had been 62 hours since I had last seen him and found him in a warehouse 29 hours after our plane had arrived. He was scared, freezing, dirty, hungry and thirsty. He was very glad to see me and I got to let him out to love on me, feed and water him. I paid someone to take care of him while he is in quarintine and will make arrangements to get him later.

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