Saturday, February 13, 2010

春节快乐!Year of the Tiger.

After breakfast we walked down a nearby main street and looked at the shops and stopped in some to renew our supplies. On the way back I took the first picture of Deb in front of a temple of the god of weath. The sign out front says the original building was finished in the mid 17th century and was replaced be this new building less than five years ago. We went back to that same main street that evening for supper at an Austrilian pub where Deb had a chicken burger and I had an Italian pasta dish. Suzanne choose to stay at the hotel and rest some more. The night before, I came the long way down this same main street looking for a pharmacy for Suzanne's sinus infection and got lost trying to find my way back through the hutongs. I found a short cut through the hutong to go to the pub that was much easier. As we were eating, night was falling and the fireworks began to pick up a little. We went back to the hotel and tried to get some sleep but at 11:45pm the fireworks began to peak so we went to the next floor up stairwell window and watched the Chinese new year arrive. The sky was filled with fireworks all over the city and DJ was entertained for a short time before it was time to go back to sleep. Tomorrow we will go to church with our friends.

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