Thursday, March 18, 2010

Afternoon out.

Deb went out yesterday morning with one of the other teachers that has been here for over a year and was shown where a local store was that sold some foriegn foods. That afternoon Suzanne and Deb went back to that store and got 'Honey Nut Cheerios' and 'Fruit Loops'. This afternoon Deb took me to see the store and then we took a walk along the Songhua river. We saw a big statue at one spot and after walking West along the riverfront park we found another monument. Just past the monument there were several barges and boats stuck in the river ice. We turned to come back uptown and saw a TCBY. After some Cappuccino and a banana split we went into the underground to get out of the wind. There are more stores and people under ground than above.We were getting a little turned around so we came up to see where we were only to find ourselves just in front of New-Mart which is where we wanted to go and buy some more baby food. We are getting out this evening to go to a nearby Korean BBQ place. The weather is usually about ten degrees Celcius warmer but should finally get above freezing maybe tomorrow.

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