Thursday, March 18, 2010


Suzanne wanted to share her room. She put up some posters she packed and now it makes her feel a little more at home. We went to the Korean BBQ place tonight were they didn't speak English and of course we didn't know enough Chinese. We ordered from the picture menu. I picked steak, Suzanne picked what looked like chicken and Deb picked octopus. The steak was awesome. The chicken was mostly gristle and the octopus was chewy but good. They cooked the food at our table over coals. We also ordered some side dishes. One was something very blad and dry. The other was a fruit salad with thousand island dressing. It was different but not bad. We were afraid we might have a repeat of our first dining experience in China but it proved to be much better especially when they actually brought the correct drinks we ordered. DJ was the center of attention as usual and enjoyed it very much.

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