Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DJ is growing up

DJ is six months old now and we know that she needs her shots. Doing that in China might be a challenge though. Then Carl found out that there is a lady working at Ivy school named Yen that is taking medical classes and can help. We talked to her this morning and she's working on getting an appointment for DJ and Susan to see a doctor. After that Susan, DJ and I went next door from Ivy to the New-Mart, where we went shopping for a walker for DJ. We found one that is basically a four in one. It serves as just a seat, a kind of stroller (where she can put her feet on a pad and we push it by a handle in the back), a regular walker (that can be adjusted for her height) and also a rocker. She has only had a little bit of time in it before she wanted a nap.

I had brought a Johnny Jump Up with us, so that it could be hung on a doorway and she could sit in it,  practice her jumping and get her legs stronger. Then when we got here we saw that the doorways are not made where we can do that. We decided that we needed to go and find a walker for her. We have lots of open floor in the living room so she can have lots of fun when she starts moving around.  

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