Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lazy day.

Now this is how to relax on a saturday. With working every day and always having something to do, it seems like we do not get much time to just relax. When we have to do something we have to either take Destiny or deside who is going to stay with her. This wouldn't be all that bad if we had just one whole day to do things. Summer will be different because I will have at least one day off. For now Destiny will have to take it easy for all of us. She fell asleep in her stroller while Deb was on the computer and later had a meal served to her on her pallet. The meal is what looked like 'corn flakes' on the outside of the package; they call all cereal "oatmeal" and is served hot. It is very small corn flavored oatmeal and comes in individual servings. It's a good thing Destiny likes it because the rest of us don't.

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