Thursday, April 8, 2010

Afternoon walk.

We all took a walk this afternoon to a park about two blocks to the East of our apartment that I saw on Google Earth. At the front of the park is a large rock formation you can see Suzanne standing on and the sidewalk going under. There were many people in the park doing all kinds of different things. The first thing we were drawn to was someone playing a musical instrument and people singing what sounded like opera. Not far from them were some people practicing their Kung-Fu with swords. On down the path were many people dancing to music. When we stopped to watch them they all stopped and came to watch us because we are a very rare sight to see around here. They were fascinated with the baby of course, Suzanne because she made a choice to where shorts and they had never seen a dog like Spot. After we pushed our way through the crowd we walked on to see other people doing another form of Chinese stretching and exercising. It had warmed up to nearly 50F today but there was a strong cold wind so we kept moving and headed back home. We took a little detour down a side road to the river and took a picture of the boat building and the new construction that is always going on. Everyone enjoyed the walk including DJ and Spot but I think the Chinese who stared at us as they walking by, looked out windows or drove along side enjoyed our walk even more. I can only imagine the blog they would write about seeing us. Every time we get out we are more a tourist attraction than tourist. We could just about set-up a tent and make a living charging admission.

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