Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost a day off.

The public school where I teach during the week was testing today so I only had to go to Ivy and teach my Tuesday, Friday 5pm class. From right to left; Christina, Anthony and Martin also have a class on Fridays at 5pm. George who is the head teacher was at the school waiting for a meeting with the director, Mrs. Mei Han. From outside the teachers lounge window behind George you can just make out the mountains through the haze. Two students were late and didn't get in the picture. Daisy is a part time teacher assistant and does a wonderful job with so many young and energetic kids. Sometimes they are hard to control but they are always better than most of the older students I teach at the public school. During the day Deb and I went shopping and I purchased a digital watch I needed. They wanted 65rmb and I paid only 20rmb or about $3 US. This was the first time I have been able to talk them down in price. Next I will try my shopping skills at some hair cutting shears and some shoes.

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