Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy evening.

To celebrate Suzanne's improved math scores we all went out to the arcade at New-Mart after I got off work at Ivy. Also, Suzanne is going to a church youth conference weekend in Beijing in two weeks and staying with our friends there for a week. I picked up the ticket today and Deb will put her on the plane on this end and they will greet her on that end. Then reverse the whole thing a week later. The church is going to reimburse us for the tickets so long as we pay the 500RMB for the conference. I think she will have a wonderful time and maybe will bring us back some gifts for Mother and Father Day's. (Ha, Ha) When she comes back she has to take SAT's. I will be able to give them to her myself instead of paying for her to go back to the states just for this. DJ will finally be getting her six month shots on Wednesday, six weeks late because she had been sick.

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