Saturday, April 3, 2010

Google Earth shots.

This is an overhead view of the city. You can see the river to the North and the airport to the East. Across the river is what the locals call Willow Island. The city has around two million population. It doesn't look that big on the map but most of the buildings are eight floors high and most of the downtown buildings are 20 to 30 floors high. In the zoomed in picture you can see a marker labeled 'starting location'. This is the city center square which is on top of 'Fu-Mart'. 'Fu-Mart is the single biggest underground market and is the center for the entire underground shopping. The underground stretchs in all directions for nearly three blocks. Our building, which is #4, is eight floors high; ten seperate entrances, called gates, access the building. Our gate is #5, and there our are two apartments on each floor of each gate, and ours is #2. I figure there is an average of five people on each floor of each gate. That makes 400 in each building. Our community has 12 buildings for a total of 4,800 people. There are communities like ours all around us. That makes close to 50,000 people living within one square mile.


  1. Wow, that is just amazing. I cannot fathom so many people in so tiny a space. what do they do with their garbage or sewage? Are you warm in your apartment? Does Suzanne have any american friends there? Spot looks good from all the horror he went through. man. DJ is precious. I admire Debra for what all she does. wow.

  2. What does any big city do with it's garbage? It is picked up each day from our apartments by someone pedal powered cart. I am not sure about the sewer but I won't be swimming in the river during the summer. Today the water was turned off to the entire city druing the day for some reason. I was told this happens often. We are comfortable in the apartment even though they have shut off the heat. The concrete is thick and provides enough insulation from the just below freezing weather. In fact, sometimes the afternoon sun warms things so much that we have to open some windows. There are no other Americans in this city and the only English speaking foreigners are those working at Ivy. Debora takes care of the baby and homeschools Suzanne and then pampers me. She is pretty special around here.