Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just another day.

Christina came to see our apartment and visit with Suzanne yesterday. Today was just another day teaching at Ivy. I did pick-up some suckers for the kids and told them how today was a special day in America. I explained that it was Easter Sunday, a religous holiday and also that parents gave the kids candy. This was innocent enough and the little kids really didn't care all that much anyway. All they knew was they were getting candy. It snowed about three inches today with the first inch melting as soon as it hit the ground. The weather is slowly warming and it is snowing less and less often. At least this snow covered up all the dirty snow and ice that had not fully melted yet. China as a whole gets most of its energy and heat from burning coal. There are many coal mining towns in China and Jiamusi is one of them, so there is soot everywhere, especially during the Winter. Destiny was playing with Spot on the couch this evening while I was fixing homemade mashed potatoes and hamburger steaks. Poor Spot needed to be cleaned up after because Destiny spit-up on him. Suzanne just happened to have the camera out take the picture before. I have a full day off tomorrow because of Qingming but I still haven't prepared my lesson for this week. Maybe I will prepare next weeks lesson too. We will also gather around the computer and attend Easter Sunday church service from the BICF website. We visited the church with TJ and Jenni in Beijing when we were there.

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