Monday, April 12, 2010

Relaxing day.

Today was just another Monday for everyone. Carl went to work at the public school and had classes until about 11:30am and then went and picked up some rice for our lunch like he does three days a week. On the way home, he found a place that sold cotten candy. That was a treat since we haven't had that since we've been in China. After lunch, Suzanne and I had decided to go to what we called a mall and heard it's actually a department store between New-Mart and Fu-Mart. He had been in it the other day and noticed that they had a lot of baby toys in there. We walked down to it, and found DJ two toys that she has been playing with and loves. While Suzanne and I were gone to do shopping, Carl, DJ and Spot stayed home and napped and relaxed.

It has been predicted that it was going to snow tomorrow and then again later in the week. The weatherman just forgot to tell Mother Nature that though, because it had started to snow and then rain some today. Tonight, Suzanne is fixing tuna casserole for supper and then we are going to watch a Easter church service online from the church in Beijing that TJ and Jenni attend.

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