Thursday, May 6, 2010

All together again and just in time.

Yesterday we took Destiny back to the hospital because her bronchitis wasn’t getting better. We had to take her to a place were they put an I.V. in her head with medicine and waited for three hours for all three bags. We had to repeat the same thing today and will have to do it again tomorrow. This is a less expensive way than having to stay in the hospital. There also wouldn’t have been enough room in the hospital for everyone that was getting medicine by I.V. There must have been over a hundred people getting an I.V. most of them were small children, so they had at least one adult with them. One of the teacher assistants from school helped us with the process the first time. The total for Destiny getting the medicine this way was around $80US. This hospital is the best in the city, so it is very popular and busy. By American standards it looked like an emergency room, with trash and medical waste everywhere on the floor. People sit in large waiting rooms or if they are lucky they get a room with four beds in it. You can tell some people do this on a regular basis because they bring their own stick to hold the I.V. bag high while they go down the hall. The schools director made the appointment for us to see the doctor, which is very busy. The doctor wanted to get an x-ray and one of my students father and grandfather works in the x-ray department, so we didn’t have to wait. The teacher assistant has a friend in the admissions at the hospital so they got our paperwork done quickly. They really are taking good care of us. Now that D.J. is getting better, Debora and I, who are also sick, can concentrate on getting better ourselves. We received a care package from home yesterday which had half chocolate for Suzanne and some other things for Deb and D.J. I picked up Suzanne from the airport today. She brought with her another care package from our friends and their church in Beijing. It had lots more things we can use for cooking that we can’t find or get very easily here. Thank you Mom, Jenni and BICF. The past week has had ups and downs and it is good to be all back together again.

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  1. I am so glad that DJ is so much better and I pray that you and Deb feel better soon. With spring coming I hope you guys will be able to get out of the apartment more and take more pictures for the blog. Everyone loves seeing them and hearing from you. Love from us - Mom and Dad