Saturday, May 1, 2010

Almost a day in the park.

Destiny has had bronchitis again but was doing well enough to get out today. This is the start of five days off for me, except for one hour Tuesday night. The weather is supposed to be rainy some days, windy some days and a little cooler some days after today. We took a long walk through the city to a park that we had not been to yet. The walk was nice most of the way because there is a long narrow stretch of park like pathway leading to the main park. You can see Deb, the baby and Spot walking along the path. Destiny likes to go for walks and usually finds them so relaxing she goes to sleep. Spot really enjoyed himself and behaved very well, even when approached by other dogs or people. Half the people are scared of him and the other half really like him. As we walk through the city some people will make gestures or comments about the baby, the dog or yours truly, the American ‘Buddha’. We have found that some people that normally would not hesitate to stop us to see the baby will think twice when they see the dog. When we finally reached the park we were turned away because there are no dogs allowed. We will return some other time without him. The flowers should be blooming then anyway. We came back home a different way than we went. We found ourselves in the middle of town with about a million other people. That amount is not just a figure of speech over here; it really was close to a million people. We fought our way to a street one block over where it wasn’t as crowded and bypassed the worst before heading on home. The statue is of Chairman Mao at the entrance to the park. I took this picture of a building because it looked interesting. I think it must be a preschool because on the first three floors I could see play equipment. You can also see one of the Rickshaws on the left.

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