Monday, May 24, 2010

An afternoon at the island.

The weather is starting to get a little warm here now so Sunday Deb and DJ came up to Ivy to meet me after my last class so we could go to the market to buy a fan. We walked as far as we could in the underground to avoid the traffic, crowds and heat. You can see in one of these pics how the streets are lined with people selling everything under the sun. The market was starting to close as we arrived and the first stall didn't want to haggle the price very much so we went to the next one and came away with a nice fan with remote for $24US. Today after we had lunch we went down to the river and crossed to the island. There are lots of carnival type games along with bumper cars, go carts, dune buggies and horses. It cost$0.60US each for a round trip on the ferry. It cost $1.50US for two laps on the dune buggy and $3US per person per lap to ride the horse. Suzanne had fun doing both. It was a little breezy and cooler today than yesterday. In one of the pictures you can see the rail bridge that crosses the river and if you zoom in, you can just make out the outline of the mountains to the West of the city. Another picture shows the tall apartment buildings that are between our apartment and the river. The girl holding DJ is one of the teachers at Ivy.

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