Sunday, May 2, 2010

Six mile hike.

We went back to the park they wouldn’t let us in yesterday because we had the dog. First we went to the market to pick up a few things and then across the road to another mall to order Suzanne a basketball hoop to put up at the apartments. The park was very nice and we all enjoyed it and the beautiful day. After seeing the park we walked back home the way we came yesterday except this time we took a detour down a small street that has lots of farm venders. We picked up some tomatoes on the way home and took the long way around the dividing bearer they have separating the directions of traffic. After stopping at the hardware store for a file to file my nutmeg and cinnamon, we went to another produce market to see if they had any other kind of lettuce except Romaine. We finally returned home after 6 ½ hours and 6 miles.

The park has a lake and canals. There are paddle boats, inflatable canoes and bumper boats. There are two manmade mountains, a waterfall and many pavilions. On our way out I took a picture to post of my first ‘Chinglish’ which is a bad translation of Chinese to English. It says on the side of the trash can, “Protect circum stance begin with me”.

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