Saturday, June 5, 2010

DJ walking and shopping.

The girl holding DJ is my friend, Meg. She is the teacher assistant from Ivy that goes with me to the public school to help out when I need it. The other day DJ was practicing in her walker just a little past her nap time. After her nap she was sitting-up in her crib playing with her toys and ready to go again. Today she went shopping and had all heads turning. Even the taxi driver on the way home was taking videos and pictures while he was driving. So naturally I took a picture of him driving and taking a picture of her. It isn't the craziest thing we have seen here. Another wild experience is when we take the bus that has 20 seats and 80 people. You really get to know a person on a bus. Suzanne is planning on visiting my public school this next week for one day. I think that will be an experience for everyone.

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