Monday, June 14, 2010

Night out.

Yesterday started a three day holiday for most people but I have to work the first two. Deb and I got out early and went to breakfast at KFC. It was about 7am and the streets seemed empty with only a few hundred people moving about compared to the usual tens of thousands. I guess they were sleeping in because as the day progress there was more people getting out. We went to explore more of the city after I got off work. One part of the city we wanted to see was the night market. As we were walking to the night market I stepped on a nail that went an inch into my foot. Not long after this painful experience we walked a little further and looked up to find a real pizza place. We stopped for dinner. The pizzas didn’t have sauce on them and the flavor of the cheese was a little off. But it was still pizza. After we left the pizza place we went to the night market. It is a street about two tenths of a mile long that has nothing but food, clothes and every other kind of vender you could think of. There were so many people that we could barely walk. It must have been half the city. After we got to the end of the night market we walked down to the river. There was lots of people there also, some launching paper hot-air balloons with messages to their dead relatives. Except for the bugs it was nice down by the river. It was getting close to bed time for DJ so we took a taxi home.

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