Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swimming and other fun.

The other day we had our friend George over for dinner and a movie. It was nice to have someone else to visit with besides each other. The following day I took Suzanne to the local dentist to get her teeth cleaned. When we got to the dentist we were the only ones there so they got her in right away. It only took about 20 minutes and cost a grand total of $4.50US. That afternoon we went swimming at the cities university indoor swimming pool. When you first arrive and go up the steps into the building, you are greeted by ladies in long flowing dresses and the lobby looks like a five star hotel lobby. After getting locker keys and exchanging your shoes for slippers, you can head through the respective ladies or gentlemens locker and shower area to the pool. The water was very cold so DJ did not swim but did like splashing and watching everyone else. Suzanne had a good time as did we all since it was a good thing to do on a hot day. A one time visit to the pool for all day cost $2.70US per person. DJ is starting to hold herself up when sitting now. Suzanne is turning out to be a really great big sister. We went down to the arcade at the mall and had an evening of fun last night. Yes, Suzanne is in the dog crate, just playing around. The picture with the two ladies sleeping on the desk is a couple of Ivy's T.A.'s taking a hot afternoon nap after working very hard. They really do work long hours for the school.

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