Monday, July 26, 2010

Another six mile hike.

We went for another six mile hike yesterday. There was an 80% chance of light rain but it wasn’t hot. We slept in late since this was every ones day off. We didn’t have breakfast so we left the apartment around 10am and walked to Flolon’s Pizza where we had an early lunch. We then walked to TCBY and had ice cream. It started raining while we where in TCBY but we decided to continue our walk anyway. Destiny has a nice new stroller with a canopy to keep the rain out and Deb and I stayed under the umbrella while Suzanne played in the rain. We walked along the river going west. The whole river walk is about 4 miles long with half of it still under construction. It started to rain a little harder at some point and we huddled under the umbrella together to wait it out. Finally it stopped raining altogether. We saw many things and really enjoyed the walk. We passed under the train tracks that went to the train bridge leaving the river behind. We continued walking west until the road turned south and walked towards the nuclear power plant until we came to the toll booth for the road that went to the road bridge crossing the river. I wanted to see it but we had already walked a long way. We turned east to go back into the heart of the city. We could have taken a bus but we didn’t recognize the number of the bus that went by and didn’t know where it would stop. We wanted to find a bus that we knew where it would take us. We finally gave up and paid a taxi 10RMB ($1.50US) to take us home. We took some videos on our walk. One is of DJ playing with her mom. Another is of the night market street the way it looks during the day. The last one is of a corner market that we found. It is the cleanest we have seen and has the best variety.

DJ and mom playing.
Night market street in the day.

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