Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheap outing.

DJ can be seen in one of these pictures getting into trouble at home by playing with her sisters papers. We took a bus to eat lunch at Pop-Land today and from there we took another bus further to the West to try go see the road bridge that crosses the river. We knew which direction the bridge was in so we just took buses that were going in that direction. When the bus we were on turned to go in a different direction, we got off and took a different bus. We got off the second bus when we thought we saw the road that goes to the bridge. It was one of the roads but we couldn’t get to it because it was elevated on pillars. We walked back a little way to a park that we saw. The park was a straight ½ mile path through what used to be farmers fields. It turned into a dirt road that went by old farmers homes that we don’t know how old they were. On the other side of the dirt road was modern building. We were on the edge of town and could see the countryside on one side of us and the city on the other. We got to see lots of different parts of the city that we hadn’t see before including a different view of the mountains in the distance. We finally took the bus back home. We spent 1RMB each to take the bus each time. In total the trip only cost about $1.80US. We only had to walk less than a mile of the nearly 9.5 miles we traveled. We never did see the bridge but know which way to go next time.

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