Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New shirt.

Here is a picture of my new shirt I had made. Looks and feels great. Deb and I got out this morning and went to RT-Mart or what the locals call Fu-Mart. We got a new duster/mop for 99RMB. The price you see on something over here is the price you pay. You don't have to try and figure in for how much tax is going to be. We went into one of the department stores to look around after we left RT-Mart. We went around the corner when we left the department store to a place that sells some DVD's in English. We got 19 new movies for around $1.85US each. We had lunch and ice cream at Pop Land across the street from the DVD store. Finally we went into the underground to buy me some new shoes again. All this walking will really wear a pair shoes out in a hurry. After looking at several and having an idea of what I wanted, I stopped at a few stalls and tried some on. In the end there were four people fighting over who was going to sell me shoes. When I found some that I liked and fit I asked how much and they told me 980RMB. I put my old shoes back on and started to leave. They asked how much I wanted to pay and I wrote down 180RMB. They countered with 460RMB but my price was final. I got the shoes for 180RMB. They were 70RMB more than the last pair I got but still a pretty good deal. We left the underground and took the bus back home.

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