Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dinner and a movie.

For the last month I have been tutoring Mei’s son, Na Na, as has several of the Ivy staff. He is 20 years old and attends college in Harbin, the provincial capital, studying industrial design and graphics. He was just home for the summer to spend time with his family. Since Mei is the director of Ivy, she arranged for him to get some tutoring. She wants him to do graduate school in the states. During our tutoring secessions he asked many questions about my family and showed an interest in Spot, so I invited him for dinner and a movie on Monday. It is customary for guest visiting someone’s home for the first time to bring a gift. He brought a case of beer. After meeting the family we went out back and played Frisbee with Spot. Na Na isn’t used to dogs and wasn’t expecting Spot to be as big as he is. At first he was a little scared but soon got used to him and they became friends. I fixed spaghetti and we watched a movie ‘Fearless’, which takes place in China 100 years ago. The movie is in Chinese with English subtitles so he was able to enjoy the movie without having to think so hard about the English. He said he liked dinner and when he left got Susan’s e-mail and gave me not one but two hugs. I think he had a good time.

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