Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All is well in the world.

Suzanne will soon officially become a teenager, although we have felt that she has been sprouting into a fine young lady for some time now. Ivy’s director, Mei Han, paid for a birthday dinner for Suzanne and our newest teacher, Sarah, whose birthday is today. I bought a big cake. I thought I was ordering a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Chinese really don’t do frosting. They do more of a whipped topping. And the cake wasn’t chocolate, but chocolate here isn’t exactly what we are used to anyway. We still have a chocolate cake mix sent from some that we will fix and enjoy at home. The dinner was for all of the Ivy staff and foreign teachers. It was a beautiful dinner and everyone had a great time. Even some of the kids from one of my public school classes got Suzanne some presents. We are very proud of her and love her very much. You can see pictures of Suzanne eating the longevity noodle. And I have tacked on some pics of DJ sitting in a high chair and one of her crib she is almost outgrowing since coming here.

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