Monday, September 6, 2010

Just another day of laboring on Labor Day.

We had a going away party at Ivy this last Sunday for Rita. She was a very good T.A. and friend. She is going back to school in another city but will try to come back in January I think. We introduced a local pizza place to her and she had to buy pizza for everyone. It was a very nice party. The little boy’s name is Charlie and is the nephew of one of the Ivy workers. He was very fascinated with DJ and she was mesmerized by him. DJ also loves her big sister. Susan was trying to teach her how to crawl the other day. DJ didn’t learn to well but Susan passed with flying colors. I started my second week of public school this term today. We took a walk down to the river this afternoon to play with the dog and just to get out again before the cold weather starts.

Mei Han has been very good to us and has helped make life much easier here for us with the family. We are very busy on weekends at Ivy.

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