Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September evening walk.

I used to see my grandma and great-grandma canning when I visited them 30 to 35 years ago. I never did learn or practice canning because of the convenience of store purchased canned goods. Instead of canning over here, people dry almost anything. They dry fish, fruit and vegetables. Just walking down the street we can see all kinds of stuff laying out on blankets, sheets, window screens, on the sidewalk or just hanging up somewhere drying out. Yesterday was payday and Deb did the shopping today while I was at public school in the morning, which started back Monday. The weather is very pleasant here right now so we went for a walk in the evening around the block and along the river. We took Spot with us and on the way back we stopped at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants to eat. We had grilled bread, beef and chicken, and Susan had some beef fried rice. The total bill was less than $10US. Where in America can you take the family and dog for a walk around the block along a scenic river walk and stop in a restaurant with you dog and have a very nice dinner for less than $10? China is wonderful.

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