Friday, October 1, 2010

A walk in the counrty.

Suzanne went out with Sarah today to the reservoir just 3.5 miles south of the city. They walked along the shore and into the hills. It was a beautiful day. They made some new friends, saw a big golden Buddha and went to a Buddha temple. It only cost less than $4.00 total for a taxi there and back for a days worth of fun. Deb, DJ and I took Spot down to a park. Some of the people there were interested in Spot, some in DJ and some were fascinated by both. We left that park and walked down to another park where DJ made a new friend, a Chinese girl just a few weeks younger than her. One of the ladies with her, maybe her mom; I didn’t ask; spoke English. The little girl’s English name was Candy. She could walk and was a little taller and a little heavier looking. She had only two teeth to DJ’s 7 ½. We were close to Ivy so we stopped there to go to the bathroom and I went into New-Mart downstairs to buy a space heater for the bathroom. It is getting too cold for the clothes to dry properly when hanging out now and the heat will not be turned on for a few weeks. It will also help keep it from being so cold in the bathroom when we take a shower until the heat gets turned on. Tomorrow I think I will go with Suzanne to see her get her hair colored.

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