Thursday, October 28, 2010

Catching up.

It's been while since our last post. We didn't fall off the face of the planet. We have been busy doing the usual daily work, school and chores that are necessary. Deb has been attending a Bible study class on Tuesday's. She has also been getting Spot up to date on shots and paperwork. And she has been checking on details of traveling by train to Beijing if we get to go there in March when my contract ends here. I have been busy with school and job search. I even had an interview for a school in Beijing, but they aren't looking for positions in February/March right now. I hope they will keep me in mind when the time comes that they are looking. Suzanne has been busy with school work. Deb invited one of the ladies from her Bible study group over for dinner one evening, along with her husband and their son. I forgot to take a picture that evening. They are a Chinese family. Her name is Nicole and teaches English part-time. Her husband doesn't speak any English and works for the local agriculture college as a videographer. They have a ten year old son named Harold. That was last week. This week Deb invited The lady who host the Bible study class, and her husband, to come for dinner. They are from Mississippi. Her name is Sharon and she doesn't work. Her husband is Leroy and works for an American company that makes and sells electric motors. The company contracts out the large motor production to a Chinese company here in Jiamusi. His job is to oversee his companies interest at the factory here. They have lived here for four years. Their visa is only good for 90 days at a time and then they must leave the country to get another. They usually go to Hong-Kong but sometimes go back to the states or travel to other Asian countries. Today Suzanne went to the New-Mart kids zone to have a play date with Nicole and Harold. It looks like she had a really good time.

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