Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last day of Autumn?

Yesterday and today were perfect days to get out in the afternoon. We all had a wonderful time. DJ made some more Chinese friends. Even Spot got to play with a Chinese police dog down by the river on the beach. The temperature was in the low 70's and beautiful. It is going to start getting colder over the next few days with some rain, and this time next week there is a chance of snow. There are a few things you can count on when it comes to the weather around here. Winter is long and cold, Summer is hot and Spring and Autumn are very short. I was offered to extend my contract with Ivy including an increase in pay but we turned it down and are planning on moving on. Maybe we will get Beijing this time.

DJ was a little scared at her first time in a swing but still liked it enough to smile.

The boats are getting ready for the long winter.

The river goes down in the Fall because there is as much run off from the mountains as the weather is getting colder. Soon all this will be frozen solid.

There are many places like this throughout the city, just like in all cities in China.

It is exercise for the young and old alike.

Suzanne is enjoying the day writing her stories.

Self picture with the cell-phone.

She still has a little growing to do before she can try it on her own.

It is still a lot of fun.

This was put up this year for the regional sports games that our city hosted.

This is a beach that is on our side of the river only a few kilometers down from where we live.

We sat here for over an hour.

There were many people that came by and commented on how beautiful our baby is and how we should put more clothes on her to keep her warm. It was around 70F with a light cool breeze and sunshine. There seems to be a certain time of the year that everyone starts wearing there winter clothes no matter what the weather is like.

Some of the people that came by had children. This little boy was the same age as DJ. They were the same height and had the same number of teeth. He was walking by himself and she needs help. 

They really were having a good time with each other.

You can see the split pants if you look close.

This was another cute boy that stopped to say hello.

He was a little shy.

This little guy wasn't all that interested but the parents made him come other to see DJ.

Usually people will ask if it is okay to pick DJ up, and usually when they try, she just screams until one of us rescues her. This lady just walkes up and takes her out of Deb's arms and is showing her off to everyone. DJ didn't seem to mind too much.

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