Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Early Christmas.

My contract will soon be over. Ivy has made an offer for us to stay and I told them no, because we would still like to make it to Beijing. I have been looking for were we might can go next. I have turned down three offers elsewhere so far and have many others that are considering me. I have only made about a third of my contacts. We have really enjoyed working and living here and are finally starting to get used to it. We have made some friends and have more friends on the way. I asked Ivy tonight if we can stay and they said yes. We are not moving and will be staying another year. Beijing will have to wait. This seems like a very good Christmas gift for us all. We have put up a tree that Debora's friend and my co-worker let us borrow. DJ has a new hat, since she was out growing the old one. The old hat would keep Spot's ears warm if he would keep it on.

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