Sunday, November 7, 2010

School visit.

Suzanne went out with an English speaking Chinese friend of the family the other day to visit a local middle school that is near us. The school is one that Ivy doesn't teach at, so we didn't have to get permission from them to do this, so long as nobody was making money. It looks like it was a very friendly and fun visit for all. I think the lady in the close-up is a friend of our friends. The pics of the boy wearing purple is dancing. The school is in a different system than the public school I work at for Ivy. The school I work at is part of the cities school system and the one Suzanne visited is part of the aggreculturual system. They are both public schools but under different administration. I think it is a very new school and looks to be nicer than the one I teach at. This school has cameras monitoring the classrooms, overhead video projectors and a TV. The class size is also smaller than mine. I am down from 70 students last year, to about 60 students in each class this year.

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