Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things list.

We sat down and made a list of things we miss from the states. We all miss our clothes dryer, dishwasher and soft beds. We all have some sort of food or drink that we miss. During the summer, we missed having A/C in our apartment. Deb and Suzanne have a lot of things in common that they miss, like: family, church, Wal-Mart, warmer weather, water that you drink form the faucet and TV. Deb also misses garage sales and dollar stores. Suzanne's list is a little longer. She misses Taco Bell, signs in English, school and even working odd jobs for extra money. I miss driving, my grill, a regular oven, hot water for the clothes washer and pizza with sauce. I think Spot misses running around the neighborhood and playing in his yard. There are some things we like better here. We all like the in-floor heating. Suzanne likes the steel door to our apartment with double lock (except for the time I locked them in the apartment). Deb and I like the inductive cooking we have. We also like food prices, my work hours and the fact that the summers are not as hot. I like the never ending hot water for the shower, free rent and the $20/month electric bills. This list will change when we get to Beijing, giving us easier access to more western things.

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