Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A few old and some new pics.

Some of these pics were on my phone. The little girl is a girl that was at the Muslim restaurant Deb and I went to back in the fall before it got too cold. We had four Christmas meals this year; the forth was at Ivy during lunch time on Christmas day. There are three showing DJ after she fell asleep in her walker. Even though she still isn’t walking on her own, we gave the walker away and now she has a rocker / high chair she enjoys. One of the Christmas gifts she got is a singing goose that she loves. We also went out and got her two new outfits today. One is pink with bunnies on it; the next Chinese year is the year of the rabbit. I will show a picture of it later. The other outfit is white and orange. We had a white Christmas, but then again, every day during the winter here is white. The boss at Ivy, Mei, has the same birthday that our son had and we went to a birthday dinner for her this evening. Most of the Chinese Ivy staff was there and we were honored to be invited. It was a lovely evening. I have a few days off before starting winter spoken classes and getting some extra hours from one of the other teachers that is leaving.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Christmas in China.

Our first Christmas in China is almost over before it is even here. We went to my co-workers and our friend’s apartment last night for a Christmas dinner. All the Ivy staff attended but the other faculty had other plans. Debora went over early to help out. George and Connie are from Canada and this was their second Christmas here. She really did a beautiful job. This was the first year George dressed like Santa Clause and all the staff went fanatic over him. They also tore into their gifts like little kids. DJ wasn’t too thrilled about Santa but we all had a great time.

We had Christmas just for us at home today and opened more gifts. We will have another Christmas dinner tomorrow night just for the Ivy faculty and Deb, Suzanne and DJ. Even though they sell all kinds of Christmas trees, decorations and lights, Christmas is not a holiday here in China. It probably will be in about ten years, but for now I will have to work Christmas day. There probably won’t be much teaching or learning with Santa making a visit to all the classes. I only have two days of public school next week and then I have six days off with only one evening class at Ivy during that time. Then we will start winter break spoken classes at Ivy. Martin is leaving to go back to England early and we will all have to cover his classes until the Alexander’s come in middle February which is when Tony will leave Ivy.

DJ has a new high chair, some new toys and a new blanket. We are going to buy her some new clothes next week. Spot has a new sweater that is bigger and not as tight. Deb has a new blouse and scarf to go with her skirt and I have a new jacket to go with my other clothes. Life is treating us very well in China. We have many new friends and I have a job that I enjoy. Suzanne is starting her 9th grade school lessons six months early. We are all healthy and happy. My Christmas wish to all is that you are at least half as blessed as we have been this last year.