Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15th Wedding Anniversary.

Last night we had a dinner celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. It’s not official until the 20th but this was a good time for the dinner. I had invited all the foreign teachers and the school director, Mei Han and her husband. Sarah had other plans and Mei had a last minute business dinner she had to attend. Martin is leaving soon and he wanted to spend more time with Leachy, his Chinese girlfriend. She also attended the dinner. Tony’s girlfriend and former Ivy employee, Daisy also came.

I had made reservations at a very nice BBQ restaurant. I left early the evening before to walk the 40 minutes to work in -35 degree Celsius weather so I could stop by the florist to order flowers to be delivered. The flowers cost about $15US.

Just after we arrived at the restaurant, we sat DJ down in a chair and were starting to take off our coats, when she fell over to one side off the chair and landed on her head. She was scared but fine. It seems like nothing in life goes exactly according to plan and that holds true for our marriage from day one to now. I am not complaining. It keeps you on your toes.

During dinner I told the story of how Debora and I met by me placing an ad in the newspaper and she answered that ad. Then I made a toast to Debora saying,


-Someone to clean-up after me, do my laundry and the dishes, all without pay.

-Someone to always wait on me hand and foot without complaint.

-Someone to always be there for me when I need them and never ask anything in return.

-Someone to give birth to three children by me.

-Someone who can show love to me even with all my many faults.

-Someone who doesn’t mind living on a tight budget and do without some of life’s luxuries.

-Someone who doesn’t mind moving around and at times living in sub-standard housing.

-Someone who will put-up with a person who has never worked a single job for longer than a few years.

-Someone who will follow me to the ends of the world, even China.

-Someone who will say they will be my wife after only knowing me for three days.

-Someone who will marry me after only a one month engagement.

-Someone who doesn’t mind a very simple and cheap wedding.

-Someone who doesn’t mind forgoing a honeymoon and going to Sonic for a burger instead.

-Someone who will grow with me, pound for pound, five pounds a year.

-Someone who will keep my feet warm in bed.

-Someone who will be my best friend and soul-mate.

-Someone I can love until the end of time.

Debora, thank you for marrying me. I could not have been any luckier than when I met you. I may not be the perfect husband and you may not be the perfect wife, but you are the perfect wife for me. Happy 15th wedding anniversary. I love you.’

Debora gave me a nice card and small gifts and a message that read, ‘It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 15 years. I know there were times when we both wondered if this would ever come. I love you more today than I did when we first met. You have shown me a lot of things, and most importantly how to love someone regardless of what they do and how they look. You say sometimes that you wish you could have my patience, but most of the time I wish that I had some of your qualities. I hope you like everything. Happy Anniversary.

Connie gave us a very nice blanket which we needed to go on top of our new electric blanket to keep us warm.

George insisted on paying the bill at the restaurant. The dinner was about $90US. Thanks George.

The restaurant gave DJ a cute little bobble head doll/bank.

After we got home I realized that we had forgotten the flowers and I had to go back for them. If it wasn’t for these little things that interrupt our plans and routines, life wouldn’t be as exciting and marriage and kids just seems to multiply the excitement.

Waiting for our guest.

She is so pretty.

This is a nice place.

It was such a big room.

The happy couple.

Tony, Daisy, Connie and George.

Leachy and Martin.

They came in and cooked the food for us on coals they placed in the table you can see at this end.

I think everyone had a good time.

I know we really enjyed sharing this time with them.

He took this picture himself.

We did he take a picture of the toilet?

They make a nice couple.

Connie and George celebrated their 25th anniversary last year.

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