Friday, December 10, 2010

New clothes for Christmas.


  1. very nice. good sense of style. i like it. did everyone get new clothes? do you have to have everything made there? can you buy off the rack? it hasn't really been cold here. just a day or so. we are playing catch up here. trying to catch up with all the things that need to be done before bad weather. ha. got a grandbaby due in january. a girl ... yeah. finally. have a wonderful year. love, Patty

  2. I have to have my clothes made but it is cheap depending on the material. I came up with this design after the suit I had made looked more like pajamas. I am going to have a jacket made to go with them also. Suzanne bought a new coat for Christmas and then drew all over it. I will take a pic to post later. Deb wants to get a blouse made to go with the skirt she had made months ago. We are going to buy some new clothes for Destiny for Christmas and first of the year. We might even have a new sweater made for Spot. And I need to get some thick insulated pants made. Wind chills are -31 degrees Fahrenheit now. Congradulations on the grandbaby. That's third cousin for me I think, right? Because of Chin's one child policy, kids call their cousins, 'brother or sister'.