Monday, December 13, 2010

Part of Suzanne's and DJ's Christmas.

Carl and Darlene Kitchens, Judy Aswell, great grandma Duff, and grandma and grandpa Niemeir put some money in our US bank account and these are the two main things Suzanne and DJ got for Christmas. Suzanne just had to decorate her coat. DJ loves her new high chair. It rocks and changes into a table and chair. The All the malls here decorate for Christmas just like they would back home. The stores even play Christmas music, both in English and Chinese. It is really odd to here Christmas music about the birth of Jesus Christ, in Chinese. Christianity is not against any rules or laws. There aren't many people that are Christians but you can talk about it even in public. What you can't do is try to openly, in public, try to convert or preach. You can have a Bible but it might raise some questions if you are carrying it in public out in the open. Some people have never heard of Christ and others that have don't fully understand. All they know is that it is a western religious thing. They really don't do anything for Christmas in there homes because it isn't a national holiday.Just as Christmas was celebrated before it became a religious holiday, I feel that the Chinese people's fascination with the west will someday, maybe in the next ten years, lead to them observing Christmas. This will give them a better opportunity to learn about and follow Christ.

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