Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Public school musical performance.

The public schools had what they call an art festival this afternoon. It was more of a talent show with many different kinds of performing arts. The school I teach at asked that I help them by being in one part. I played the part of 'Old MacDonald' and we sang "Old MacDonald" has a farm. My whole family went to this and some parents and grandparents of the kids, but it was mostly by and for the kids. Almira went with us and we sat next to the headmaster over all the public schools. This is the same man who came to one of my classes before and he speaks very good English. He came on stage and interviewed me, asking about the school I teach at and the production. All the teachers involved with the kids doing the show sang individually at the end and then together they sang together the final song, which was "If You're Happy and You Know It", in Chinese of course. It was a fun time for all. Here are some of the 100 pics and videos we took.

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