Thursday, February 10, 2011

Great Company + Great Food = Great Time

Tigh had a sleep over last night and enjoyed playing video games. Suzanne went out on a date to play badminton on the 17th floor of a hospital that is next door to New-Mart. Then after having ice cream they went to get a massage and to have their backs scraped. The boy and his mother she went out with is Alex, the same boy that was playing the piano a few post back. He is 20. She knows it can't be serious but she can still be friends and have a good time. He is coming over one day soon so they can fix pizza for lunch. This morning I took Tigh and Suzanne to the arcade. He is like the brother she never got a chance to spend time with because of John dying. This evening the Alexander's came over for dinner and games. David is a vegetarian. I fixed a fresh vegetable salad, rice with egg and green onion and some toasted rolls. For desert we had a warm fruit salad with honey.

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