Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check out DJ's new ride.

The is the 'Lexus' model of strollers. It cost about $40 U.S. We couldn't afford the best, but second best will do. She also has a potty, and a new red chair I will post pictures of later. The weather is starting to get above freezing during the day sometimes now, so Spring won't be too far away, even though we did just get a fresh 2-3 inches of snow Sunday. She has learned to walk just in time.

Of course, all this walking can be very tiring, as you can see from the first picture. Everyone over here that wants to get around the Chinese internet firewall must have a VPN, and right now most people are having trouble with their VPN's working because the Chinese have made their internet firewall harder to bypass with a VPN. Service comes and goes, so post may not be as frequent. Also, Suzanne is spending more time on the computer doing all her homeschooling over the internet now.

For those that have been following the earthquake in Japan; I have found what I think are some interesting facts. Since the modern scaling systme of measuring the size of earthquakes was started in 1900, the largest earthquake was a 9.5. None of the top 15 largest earthquakes were in California. Three were in Alaska and three were in China. The deadliest earthquake in history was in China in 1556 and killed 350,000. The list of the top ten deadliest earthquakes all have more than 200,000 deaths each.

Another part of what is happening in Japan is the nuclear reactors. Three Mile Island was 1,000 times less than Chernobyl and right now it looks as though the Japanese nuclear reactors may be headed for a close second behind Chernobyl. There are 55 reactors in Japan, providing about 20% of the power. There are 5 reactors in France, providing about 75% of the power. There are 13 reactors in China, providing almost 2% of the power. There are 104 reactors in the U.S., providing around 1/4 of the power. The reactors in Japan are using a containment system that was not used on Chernobyl. The U.S. also uses this same containment system. France uses one additional fail safe measure on there reactors that the U.S. decided was too costly.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Learning to walk can be so tiring.

DJ was still only walking while holding onto somebody or something last week. Now she is standing up, walking and even running on her own. She is just over 18 months. It is about time and I am sure she will make up for lost time. She really doesn't like having her shoes on. We are going to try and get her used to them since the heat will probably be turned off next week.