Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday for Zoe and Bancy.

Zoe and Bancy work together at Ivy, are room mates and have birthdays less than a week apart. We gave Zoe her birthday presents on Sunday and Bancy's birthday will be this next Saturday. We were going to take both of them out for dinner at a nice bar the Alexander's found and George told me about. Zoe got called back to work before we even got into the bar so we had a good time with Bancy.
So beautiful at 23.

Now this is the glamour shot.

A couple of small gifts.

Live music.

Beef and potato pizza. Not bad.

Here are some other photos we have taken.
Time to recharge.

Here are some of the mothers, grandmothers and aunts waiting on their kids to finish classes at Ivy.

Playing in big sister's room with her sunglasses.

At Ivy, sitting in George's chair, playing with his toys.

Decisions, decisions.

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