Saturday, April 2, 2011

More fun with some of the TA's.

We invited two of the TA's over for diner the other night and had a really good time visiting  and playing games. The one on the left is Bancy and I work with her at Ivy for three of my nine classes. She is roommates with the other girl, Zoe. Zoe works with me at the public school two days a week. They both live near where we do, so we will have to have them over more often. We had beef, rice and peppered country gravy and some fresh vegetables and fruit. They had never tried country gravy before. Just like in the states, we had salt and pepper sitting on the table for anyone to use. Chinese don't usually use these at the table; only in cooking. I have always cooked rice with salt in it but this was there first time for eating rice that was cooked that way. Bancy said she will have to try cooking it that way at home. We played Skip-Bo and then they borrowed several movies from our large collection. Zoe is very afraid of all animals and was very nervous around Spot. We did manage to get her to pet him but not with out her screaming, her heart racing and her breaking out into a serious sweat.

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