Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mid May update.

She really likes spaghetti.

Here comes the spaghetti monster.

Dirty face and still cute.

Mom's shoes fit.

A cool rainy day on the couch.

Trying to stay warm while doing school work on the computer.

A balloon mom and dad brought home for DJ.

They really do love each other.

A new kite I can try this summer.

The girl on the left is Roxanne and is the newest teacher at Ivy. She is from Scotland and dual citizen of South Africa. The girl on the right is Sarah and will soon be ending her contract with Ivy. Sarah will stay in China and go to school at the local university and has plans to marry her Chinese boyfriend and settle down in China.

Roxanne will be taking some of my classes at #5 middle school and I will be taking on some new classes at #2 high school while also getting two days a week off except for one Ivy class in the evenings. This will be the first time since I started with Ivy that I have not had to work seven days every week.

This is Sarah's future husband. He drives a taxi. He doesn't speak very much English so it is a good thing Sarah is very good with Chinese.

Sarah invited us to dinner with some of her boyfriends friends to help them celebrate his Chinese birthday.

He liked her but she didn't know what to think of him.

This is the boss of Sarah's boyfriend.

The future happy couple.

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