Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some things change and others don't.

Here is a recent family picture. Usually one of us takes the picture so we don't all get to be in it.
This is Sarah. She was the one who took the family picture for us. She was also very thoughtful when she heard it was my birthday. She will be leaving Ivy this week, but will stay in Jiamusi to study Chinese at the local university and live with her boyfriend.

Deb and Suzanne got me a lot of different Chinese games we can play. I just need to learn how to play them now.

This is the T-1 class at Ivy. They are the most advanced class at Ivy. I have them every saturday and sunday from 7:15 to 8:15 in the evening. They are all high school students. From left to right is Eva, Ruth, Joy, Michelle, Meg, Sorrow, Lily, Bill, Suzanne (she came to visit), Yan (she is the teaching assistant), Teddy, and Ariel.

It is amazing how much things both change and stay the same in a years time. Last year, Ivy throw a big birthday for me and all the staff gave me gifts. This year, nothing. Last year, they were all warm in welcoming me to the Ivy family. This year, nothing. Last year, it seemed as though I was going to be pretty good friends with George. This year, my family and I have received a very cool shoulder from not only the Maxey's, but also anybody they are friends with, including the Alexander family and even the new teacher from England. I am not sure how all this started, nor do I care. I am very happy not being friends with people who feel that I am not good enough to be in their little circle. I will welcome anyone to be my friend, if they will also welcome me. Last year was a nice birthday, but this year was more honest. Thank you Sarah, Deb, Suzanne, and Destiny. Destiny told me "Happy klajfpiqurhg."

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