Monday, July 18, 2011

Kids come first in China.

DJ is having fun eating some ham. 
This hat was her great grandfathers hat when he served during WW2 in the Pacific as part of the Seabees. Suzanne has it now and was letting DJ play with it. 
DJ really likes a good sucker sometimes. 
DJ listening to music with some wireless headphones. 
Suzanne was wearing one of her new shirts that fit a little to well, because she got stuck trying to come out of it. 
DJ in one side and Suzanne in the other side of some of my new shorts. 
She ran out of energy again in the middle of playing. 
Here she is refueling with cucumber, tomato and chicken. 
Deb and Suzanne got caught in the rain while they were out walking. 
Because of the one child policy, kids are the most important part of a family. Kids are special to any family, but they really understand that here more than in the states I think. Some times it is taken to the extreme though, because parents can dictate to a school how they should be teaching, whether their child should be advanced, or even if the fully qualified teachers are even good enough based on if the teacher has been teaching their whole life or not. Where I come from, I learned to respect everyone, at least until that respect wasn't warranted for what ever reason. Here, respect is demanded always, but never returned.

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