Monday, July 25, 2011

New swimsuit for Suzanne and new haircut for Deb.

This is almost the finished product of my cutting Debs hair. I thinned it out a lot and then cut it away from her neck and ears. 
We are going to go swimming next week and Suzanne needed a new swimsuit. 
DJ got some bubbles to play with. 
If you check last months, you will see an update for the building they have started putting up near our apartment. This is the latest update. Next weekend, they are going to switch off the power to our area while they connect to this construction. 
Baby tired. 
Dog tired. 
This is what Deb's hair looked like before I got started. 
A boy down at the river gave DJ this fan. 
Walking the river walk. 
We have some pics of this monument on the blog already from last year. It is a monument to the local people defending the city along side the soldiers during WW2. 
A group of people playing croquet. 
There are several people growing gardens along the river bank. 
Odd how a lady in America is facing charges for growing a garden in her own front yard while people in China can grow a garden on land that isn't even theirs. 
This is a passenger train crossing the river. 
We got a taxi at the main road near our apartment and had him take us across the river to the north for a drive in the country. The plan was to go see a lotus pond I found on Google Earth. It was a nice drive in the country but the lotus pond wasn't in use. 


  1. It looks like a lot of good scenery. How are the bugs over there? Do they like the taste of American food (you guys)?

  2. Sometimes in the evening there are a few flying, biting insects, especially down by the river but we never got out of the car when we went to the country. We do have a problem with bugs wanting to get into the apartment in the evening because they are attracted to the light. Of course during the 8 months of winter, there isn't any problem with bugs at all.