Thursday, August 25, 2011

DJ's birthday party.

Deb had planned a birthday party early because I was going to be working all day on the 28th. The party was for everyone that could come, including Ivy, but most of them had to work or rest. We were going to have the party at our apartment, but then Deb changed it to the 2nd floor of one of the KFC's. When she showed up to set up for the party, she found that they were part of the city that had it's power and water turned off, without notice, for a little while that afternoon. So, she changed plans and had the party on the 6th floor of New-Mart at the food court instead, because they had power. It all worked out great in the end. Everyone that was coming finally got together and we all had a wonderful time. At first DJ didn't know what was going on and really didn't care. She was out of the house, at the mall and the center of attention. As she began opening the gifts, she started to look forward to the next one, but not without first complaining that she hadn't finished playing with the last one. She hated the candles, but loved the cakes. When I first went to buy the cakes, they wanted to sell me a layered cake, but Deb and DJ had already picked out what they liked and the bakery couldn't make them into a layered cake, so I bought two cakes.

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  1. Looks fun! DJ is precious! Love the final pic of Suzanne. Beautiful girl!