Thursday, August 11, 2011

Latest update.

Howdy all. We haven't been doin' a whole lot around here. Momma has been busy helpin' sissy with her schoolin'. Daddy has been workin' at the school. Sometimes we go out for a walk together. We did have a few friends over a couple a times for dinner.
This is Nicole. She is a friend of momma and daddy. She came over one evenin' for dinner 'cause it was her birthday.

This is Nicole's son, Harold. He's kinda fun. We had a good time, even though there wasn't any cake.
We had some other friends over another evenin' for dinner. The little boy in front is Mike and the big boy in the back is Ted. The girl closest to me is Alice and the other is Cindy.

I really like it when they come over for a visit. We have so much fun.

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